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30D taffeta Polyester print fabric for lining down jacket Customized digital print with downproof coating | 100% polyester mechanical stretch fabric with milky TPU waterproof and breathable soft shell | 100% polyester T8 material fabric mordern ribstop anti-static 55/56 digital printed with laminated TPU | 100% Polyester T/CD Wool-Like with Waterproof Printing Fabric Pu Coating Jacket Fabric | 50D*50D plain Polyester Mechanical Stretch plain fabric with coating downproof waterproof | More breathable downproof TPU laminated 50D*50D plain 100% Polyester Mechanical Stretch Plain fabric | 50D*50D T800 material 4-ways stretch 100 Polyester with Techno Film (2 Layers) Waterproof downproof soft shell | 100 Polyester One Side Brushed Tricot Fabric for Sports Wear School Uniform breathable fabric | 50D Mechanical Stretch Polyester with breathable TPU with Poly Lt Woven 3-layers soft shell | 100 Polyester Fabric for Sports Waterproof with White TPU breathable outdoor fabric soft shell seam tape | 75D polyester stretch fabric with downprooof Techno Film for wind coat rash guard | 100 Polyester Stretch double face clear TPU breathable waterproof for trench coat | 100% Polyester Mechanical Stretch with 100%polyester Honeycomb Fleece with Breathable TPU fabric | 75D 100% Polyester mechanical stretch fabric with graphene PU coating with waterproof | 100 Polyester 4-way mechanical Stretch quickly Dry fabric for beach pants | 100% Polyester Mechanical Stretch 75D*150D plain waterproof without ammonia With TPU breathable | 150D polyester mechanical stretch fabric with TPU waterproof breathable with 30D knit Tricot used seam tape | Latest Design High Quality 75D*150D T8 Material Fabric with print tricot breathable for wind breaker coat | All polyester ammonia-free weft elastic twill composite Poly Tricot (3 Layers) used for jacket&coat strech fabric | 0.5 lattice T800 50D*50D 100% Polyester (Mechanical Stretch) Ribstop for beach pants Trousers Sports suits | Techno Film 0.5 lattice ripstop T800 50D 100% Polyester stretch fabric for waterproof breathable fabric | 2-layers Printed PU T800 50D*50D 100% Polyester Mechanical Stretch Ripstop for outdoor jacket & wind coat | 100% Polyester Mechanical Stretch plain 150D*150D fabric for jacket & wind coat with Milky TPU (2 Layers) | 100% Nylon fabric Ribstop Mono Weft plaid monofilament Crinkled waterproof with PA Coated (AC 600mm) | Recycled fabric Nylon DTY Taffeta Full Dull Crinkled PD with downproof coating | 100% Recycled Polyester Taffeta 50D Full dull for Puffer or downjacket 300T with coating | 100% Recycled Polyester Taffeta 50D full dull with Downproof Coating PA coating waterproof | 100% Recycled Polyester Full Dull Pongee with PU coating 650mm Water pressure Dewspo eco friendly | High Quality 75D*150D T800 Material Fabric stretch for pants for man beach wear Quickly Dry | 75D*150D T800 material high-stretch mechanical fabric laminated print PU breathable for outdoor | 4-ways Stretch 100%Polyester Fabric soft shell with breathable TPU and 30D tricot seam tape | 4 way stretch fabric 75D*150D polyester waterproof cloth with 30D printed tricot breathable wind breaker | 75D*150D 100%Polyester stretch with Breathable TPU with 30D Light Woven sportswear | 40S*75D 100% Polyester Mechanical weft Stretch Twill T400 material fabric for pants, wind breaker | Soft shell 2-layers cotton feel 100%Polyester Twill weft Stretch with breathable white milky TPU | 100% Polyester Mechanical weft Stretch Twill 40S*75D T400 with TPU and tricot for outdoor jacket | T800 material 50D*50D 100% Polyester 4-Way Mechanical Stretch Ripstop For beach pants or activewear | China Supplier 100% Polyester Stretch ripstop stretch with techno-film soft feel downproof | 4-way Stretch 100% Polyester 5mm ripstop with printed PU laminated breathable downproof waterpoof | 150D*150D Polyester T400 Stretch cotton handfeel with TPU white breathable waterproof For Sportswear Jacket | Crinkled 40D*20D 100% Nylon Plain Mono Weft fabric for sun-protective clothing rash guard | 20D*20D+30D 100% Nylon Ribstop 350T 0.25MM With downproof PA coating Fabric For Down Jacket | PD + WR + Printed TPU 100% Polyester Hi-count Pongee dewspo cotton-soft handfeel Fabric | Plaid Waterproof Techno Film 2 Layers Downproof 50D/144F 300T 100% Polyester Hi-Count Dewspo/pongee | 50D/144F 100% polyester pongee dewspo fabric with breathable TPU and 30D tricot used seam tape | 100D*50D+50D with Techno Film 2 Layers Downproof 100% Polyester Melange Twill fabric | 100D*50D+50D 100% Polyester Melange Twill Waterproof Windproof with printed PU breathable | 20D*20D Waterproof 100%Nylon Soft hand-feel comfortable Nylon Taffeta Fabric For light downjacket | 20D*20D*460T 100% Nylon 2/1 Twill nylon Anti-Static Linning for cire breathable wind breaker | PD + WR + Down Proof Coating 20D 380T waterproof taffeta 100% nylon fabric for down jacket | Proof Fabric PU Skin Downproof Coating Nylon Taffeta Down 20D Nylon 100% Nylon Coated | 20D taffeta waterproof nylon taffeta fabrics for downjacket cotton padded coat | 50D*90D*240T PD + WR + Color TPU 100% Nylon Taslan Fabric For Garment soft shell | 30D 100% Nylon Cordura Hexagon Taffeta Fabric Customize Design Silicone Coated | High Quality 35% Nylon 65% Cotton Fabric Ottoman 163gsm Fabrics For Wind Coats Heavy | Cotton Plain Fabric 35% Nylon 65% Cotton N/C Full Dull Poplin Fabric 70D*21S | 100D*150D+40D 95% Polyester 5% Spandex Charmeuse Satin Weft Stretch DOWNPROOF | PD + DWR + Techno Film (2 Layers) DP Taslon/Taslan 100% Nylon Waterproof downproof Fabric | 100% Polyester Seersucker digital print for shirt and dress clothing fabric | High Quality 100% Polyester Seersucker and Screen Print fabric | Seersucker 100% Polyester Seersucker fabric in China manufacturer emboss | 50% Nylon 50% PU Micro Edging Twill Fabric Textile Woven Nylon black with PU face | 380T 20D*20D Waterproof Tafeta nylon DTY Nylon Taffeta Plain Fabric Downproof | Crinkled PD Heat Sensitive Print fashion ripstop nylon taffeta waterproof sliver coating fabric | 40S20D Lycara cotton fabric breathable single jersey sportswear T-shirt fabric | Polyamide Spandex dull single jersey N7020 underwear lingerie yoga suit T-shirt knitting fabric | Polyamide Spandex power mesh N40140 sportswear underwear swimsuit elastine mesh fabric | Polyester Spandex mesh fabric 100D/30D sportswear yoga suit mesh fabric | Nylon Spandex 70D/30D 4-way stretch elastine fabric | Polyester Spandex 100D/30D 4-way stretch elastine fabric | Cutler puffer jacket man leisure coat | Dante drill man's casual jacket | Men outdoor utility jacket | Men hooded fashion jacket | Lady longline Padded Vest coat | Lady Padded Casual Jacket | Lady fashion outwear coat | Lady longline fashion wind coat |

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